Running Production: Creating a Bake Sheet

Creating a Bake Sheet

Deanna Larsen

Last Update 4 months ago

To run production in BakeSmart a Bake Sheet must be created.

The bake sheet is BakeSmart’s way to organize a single day’s batches. It’s goal is to make it easier to work with a list of batches without having to worry about filtering the list by date or store, every time a change is made, and without having to worry about accidentally mixing batches from multiple dates or stores together. 

The bake sheet is primarily used to decide which items will be baked on a particular date, and then to monitor the overall progress and see which items are still outstanding as the day progresses.

The bake sheet will be created with a default list of batches and displayed on the Bake Sheet List screen. Batches are pulled from the Standard Production Amounts for each product, option, and formula that has been set to be included in production. BakeSmart will also add batches to the bake Sheet for any items that are on order.

A bakery can add items to the bake sheet that are not automatically generated by clicking the plus sign at the top of the screen and searching for a product, option, or formula to add.

To create a Bake Sheet click on the box icon at the top of the home screen and then click Bake Sheet. Click the plus sign in the top right of the screen to generate a Bake Sheet for a day. Select the date and store and then click Continue.

The Bake Sheet will be created and all the necessary batches for the specified date's production will be listed on the Bake Sheet.

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